Debian Consultant

debAs of today, I am registered as a Debian Consultant.
Debian is the second opensource OS I tried – after Mandrake Community, back in high school.
Until January 2015, it was my main system for physical hosts – back then, I switched to Ubuntu for their up-to-date libvirt, and perfect integration of Ceph & OpenNebula.
As of today, it is still the system I’m most likely to use, deploying a new service VM.

Debian is characterized by a long validation process. Release are not driven by deadlines or time constraints. I ought to remember, in my early years, their index page had a latin motto, approximately saying “It will be ready, when it will be ready”. A vague reference still exists on their wiki.
Divided in three branches (stable, testing, unstable), you’re offered with a choice. The stable branch (as of today, Jessie) is by far the more popular, relevant for any production server, as well as desktop or embedded systems.
Depending on your policy, assuming you’re testing something, in need of a specific package version (libvirt, or else), if you want to contribute testing the next Debian, … or sometimes, just for fun, you may end up installing either Debian testing (today: Stretch) or unstable (Sid).

Back to my topic: since I’m already freelancing on various sites, I though promoting myself on Debian website could be a a plus.
My rates remain unchanged: 25$/hour. Possibly more, depending on the subject. Arguably less, for long term partnerships.
Feel free to get in touch!

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