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LinuxCounter – only referencing physical hosts

This services list mostly apply to the few friends of mine I gave an OpenLDAP account to.
Visitors are welcome, though you should expect to be denied access to pretty much everything.



Services are hosted in 3 distinct locations.
Note that as of early December 2016, services hosted with Leaseweb are moved to a newer server.
Also note that as I am considering moving to Canada, the termination of my OpenNebula cloud is scheduled for mid-2017. Corresponding services are being moved out to leased hardware – which should still be cheaper than my current power bill.

  1. Intra network, behind some 100M fiber (@free) and some 50-theoretical-M (sometimes up to 100M) fibre (@orange)
  2. Pub-fr network, distributed across 3 DC in Roubaix, 1 in Gravelines (@soyoustart & @kimsufi), from 100M to 250M throughput
  3. Pub-nl network, located in some Leaseweb DC (@leaseweb), roughly 100M throughput



  • SMTP public (@soyoustart) :
  • SMTP private (@free) :
  • SMTP core (@soyoustart) :

Key settings being:
Authentication method: Encrypted password
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Port: 587
Username: any of the mail addresses associated to your LDAP account, OR your actual LDAP username

  • IMAP & Exchange (@soyoustart) :

Key settings being:
Authentication method: Normal password
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Port: 143
Username:any of the mail addresses associated to your LDAP account


  • Any OpenVPN server (round-robin DNS)
  • Any OpenVPN server (bundled certificate)
  • Netherland (@leaseweb)
  • Netherland (@leaseeb with bundled certificate)
  • France (@dedibox, discontinued)
  • France (@dedibox with bundled certificate, discontinued)
  • TODO: France-2 (@free)
  • TODO: France-2 (@free with bundled certificate)

Using “regular” configurations, you would need to retrieve the VPN certificate authority (see PKI).
Bundled certificate configurations are perfect dealing with OpenVPN for Android : once imported, you just need to log in with your credentials.



  • Gitlab (@soyoustart)
  • GitList (discontinued, repositories migrated to gitlab)
  • SVN (discontinued, repositories migrated to gitlab)
  • Packages / ISO / sources (@leaseweb)
  • GitHub repositories (worth mentioning, a few public repositories – some of which forks from my Gitlab)


  • OwnCloud (@soyoustart)
  • Pydio (discontinued, accounts migrated to owncloud)
  • Plex (@free, access restricted to friended Plex accounts, unrelated to LDAP)
  • Media (@free, plex, subsonic & repositories data)
  • Subsonic (@leaseweb)
  • Subsonic (@free)
  • What.CD (@kimsufi)



  • OSSEC (@free)
  • Snorby (discontinued)



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