FreeBSD Consultant

fbsdAs part of my freelancing activity, I am providing with support and consulting on FreeBSD.

I started using FreeBSD while studying in EPITECH.
Back then, the Ionis Group schools was, incidentally, one of the largest FreeBSD-based network in the world.

While concluding my first internship, I decided to start my second year of studies by applying for a part time job. This is how I heard about CamTrace, and started working for them, first as a C developer, quickly dealing with web integration as well, then building FreeBSD-based distributions.

I’ve used several FreeBSD-based distributions, such as mfsBSD or pfSense. I’ve been troubleshooting some Netasq IPSEC tunnel for a customer of mine. Recently, I’ve been using FreeBSD hosting a DCF-based ntp server, using some Raspberry Pi.

Working for CamTrace, I contributed to a few projects such as ntfs-3g (ntfs-utils library). Wrote a few unreleased patches, building our custom images. Worked on a large shell script, allowing CamTrace users to configure their server from dialog menus.
Lately, I’ve used FreeBSD with ZFS, ctl (ISCSI target daemon), HAST (Highly Available STorage), ifstated and CARP.
One of the rare things I still need to try is bhyve. I’m very excited to see a type I hyperisor showing up, I’m not sure it’s ready yet, … pending further investigations.

Anyway: I’ve been using FreeBSD since 10 years, I’m pretty familiar with building and patching FreeBSD-based systems, I especially like mfsBSD, running FreeBSD from some ramfs. Whatever your need, I could be of help.
My rates remain unchanged: 25$/hour. Possibly more, depending on the subject. Arguably less, for long term partnerships.
Feel free to get in touch!

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