OpenBSD Consultant

obsdAs part of my freelancing activity, I am providing with support and consulting on OpenBSD.

I started using OpenBSD on my routers in 2011. Since then, I was able to experiment with carp, pfsync, ifstated, sasyncd, ipsecctl, iked, bgpd, dhcpd, ftp-proxy, igmpproxy, …
I spent some times using both ansible and puppet, configuring my routers. I contributed to the ansible project, regarding OpenBSD network interfaces detection – and wrote a similar patch for puppet, still to be send.

Lately, I’ve been using ospfd on top of GRE tunnels, on top of IPSEC tunnels.
On a 40 routers / 20 physical locations network, I was able to provide with redundant LAN-to-LAN connectivity.

My point being, I’ve been dealing with OpenBSD on my own long enough, I would be delighted to share my knowledge with anyone, even freely. Though I remain open to any consulting or freelancing offer you may have.
My rates remain unchanged: 25$/hour. Possibly more, depending on the subject. Arguably less, for long term partnerships.
Feel free to get in touch!

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