BlueMind is a mail solution, based on a few popular softwares such as Cyrus, Postfix, ElasticSearch or nginx, glued together using several java services.

Being still under active development: look closely after each update.
A good practice may be to list all ports in a LISTENING state, and the process it is related to. It’s been helping me several times, identifying which process is down, without restarting the whole enchilada.

BlueMind SMTP access is assumed by Postfix (*:25). Incoming mails are passed to a java process (bm-lmtp,, that would eventually deliver its mail onto Cyrus (*:24).
BlueMind IMAP is served by nginx (*:143), proxifying requests to Cyrus (*:1143).
BlueMind Webmail is served by nginx as well. You may recognize a fork of Roundcube. PHP is served by php-fpm, former versions involved apaches’ mod_php.

On the bright side, BlueMind provides with a fully-functionnal (and exchange compliant) mail solution. If my previous tests (2.x branch) suffered from poor cyrus configuration (could process 4 mails at a time, too slow to handle the tens of mailing-lists I’m subscribed to). On my current seutp (3.14), I had no need to modify anything.
Although, BlueMind Community Edition does not support applicative updates: it is mandatory to re-install a new server, and the migrate your mailboxes. You may otherwise become a partner (reseller, integrator, …) or most likely, a paying customer, to be provided with BlueMind updates – in which case, you would most likely be assisted by a developer from BlueMind during the update process and your first hours, running the new version.

There’s nothing much to tell about BlueMind administration console. The most interesting parts being system-management related, and especially mailbox backups, archiving mails on an age (and/or location) basis.
On that subject: BlueMind backups are stored on /var/backups/bluemind. Ideally, try to keep this folder onto a different physical medium.

For those familiar with Cyrus, you may use cyradm command.
Retrieve your admin password:

deepthroat:/etc# grep proxy /imapd.conf
proxy_authname: admin0
proxy_password: some-alpha-numeric-chain

You may then connect:

deepthroat:/etc# cyradm -u admin0 localhost
[enter the proxy_password value]

Sometimes, shit append, and you may see IOERROR messages, followed by header CRC mismatch, invalid cache record, mailbox format corruption detected, … In which case, you would need to run something like:

deepthroat:/etc# /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/reconstruct user/admin/

Assuming you are using several postfix instances, relaying mails to your BlueMind server, then try to replicate virtual_aliases, virtual_domains and virtual_mailbox maps everywhere – instead of letting everything pass, and delegating actual consistency checks to your BlueMind instance.

Finally, note there is one critical mail service, that BlueMind does not provide: SPAM (and/or virus) checking.
Assuming you can deal with spamassassin and clamav, you may want to alter postfix routing prior to sending your mail to bm-lmtp. Assuming you want to educate your spamassassin with user input, keep it running close to your cyrus server.

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